Canali Bus organizes group trips to cultural, sporting and recreational formulating proposals tailored to the needs of the applicant. Channels Bus is now a historical reality and affirmed.
The continuous growth trend is the market's response to the efforts and commitment of a company that, while growing, has kept intact its human dimension in the relationship with the customer who is still regarded as a friend, travel companion.


As part of the study holiday - boys, Canali Bus has created a 'wide programming. The proposals are the best both in terms of teaching and for the composition of the stay. We are also always ready to take into account the specific needs, since Channels Bus works to make your educational journey as pleasant as possible.

We are able to provide tailor-made assistance before, during and after the soggiorno. We aim much to update and continually innovate our programs. All our staff, attentive and ready for more years of service to the company, it is able to respond to every request and requirement.
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